About us

Hire, Inflate and Explore

As avid watersports participants we found it extremely difficult to find a way to scratch the itch and get out on the water.

For a long time we couldn’t understand how any part of the UK could live without access to some form of watersports.

Stand up paddleboarding is an activity which really captured our attention when it started growing in popularity, as it removed the barriers that people previously had when it came to watersports.

Paddle boarding allows the most experienced waterman (and ladies) as well as the wobbliest of sea legs to enjoy the water in a way that feels safe and comfortable.

Whilst travelling around the UK we found ourselves hiring paddle boards left, right and centre, until we started travelling to some of the more remote areas in the country where shops were a luxury, let alone a paddle board hire centre.

It was then we came up with the idea for Sup2You.

Our idea was to revolutionise the way we provide stand up paddle boards to people and share the thrill of the open water. 

We have built a fleet of inflatable stand up paddle boards for hire, available to be ordered online and delivered direct to your home or holiday destination. 

All of our hire paddle boards come from some of the best manufactures in the UK and our full packages give you everything you need to get paddle boarding straight away. 

Using our simple 4 step hire means less hassle and more time spent enjoying your water.

The hire paddle boards are sent via courier direct to a place of your choice and come packed with fins, pumps, leashes, adjustable paddles and storage bags. Then all you have to do is send it back to us when your hire is up.

One of our priorities is to ensure that all our customers remain safe whilst on the water, this is why when a junior board is being hired a junior life jacket is supplied as standard.

If you consider yourself more clumsy than your children you can feel safe in the knowledge that we also offer adult life jackets as well as other accessories to hire and purchase.