Founding Brothers

Who Are Sup2You?

SUP2YOU was founded and formed by two brothers with a love of the water

Kristian Ramsier who is the older of the two and Lewis Ramsier who is the younger brother.

Kristian and Lewis have been watersports fanatics for most of their lives. Growing up on the Dorset coast meant they were never too far from some amazing spots.

Kristian being 8 years older than Lewis was the first to find his love for the water.

Kristian had always been fascinated by the seas, rivers and lakes surrounding him, starting out fishing he became very comfortable sitting next to or on water. 

Unfortunately sitting on the bank next to the water just wasn't enough.

He started out body boarding on the south coast before quickly being attracted to the idea of surfing, specifically longboarding.

Kristian purchased his first longboard and being the confident person he has always been, quickly made friends with fellow surfers, the local surf shop owners and revelled in the local surf and watersports scene.

The more Kristian fell in love with watersports the more keen he was to introduce Lewis to wonders of being in the water.

Lewis having always been inspired and fascinated by the water didn't need much persuasion to join Kristian on his adventures.

Kristian first started Lewis out with bodyboarding to help him get comfortable in the water and to learn the key factors of water safety. It didn't take long for Lewis to pick up bodyboarding and want to follow the footsteps of Kristian by jumping on a surfboard.

Not long after learning to bodyboard Kristian, with the help of one of his surf friends, purchased Lewis his first surfboard. Ever since that day both Kristian and Lewis have been regularly surfing the swells of the south coast and all roud the world together.

A few years passed before paddleboarding started to gain some traction in the UK. Kristian even managed to get his hands on one of the first paddleboards brought into the UK market.

Both Kristian and Lewis having ridden longboards for many years instantly saw the appeal of paddleboarding and were quick to jump on the activity.

Living on the South coast of the UK where the swells are often small and inconsistent, being able to paddleboard gave both the brothers a new opportunity to experience the waters, the only difference this time is they didn't feel restricted to just the seas as suddenly rivers, bays, harbours. Everywhere became viable destinations for some fun on the water

After experiencing first hand the enjoyment of paddleboarding and the barriers it removed, Kristian felt that paddle boarding should be shared with everyone in the UK, regardless of how old you are, what your experience is and where in the United Kingdom you live.

Kristian pitched the idea to Lewis and with both of them making the necessary tweaks to make business a reality 

SUP2YOU was born.

If you want to learn more about Paddleboarding and all it has to offer check out Lewis Ramsier's new blog

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